View a trainer's Photódex

(e.g. "JTAtomico")


Create your own Photódex

Photódex is powered by Flickr's API. To create your own Photódex you must first create a Flickr album.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Create an account on Flickr.
  2. Create an album with the word "Photódex" in the title (or just "Photodex" without the accent).
  3. Upload your AR snaps to the album with the following conditions:
    • You must include the Pokémon number in 4-digit format in the photo title (e.g. "0001 Bulbasaur", "0025 Pikachu", "0133 Eevee").
    • The photos must be made public.
  4. Visit your new Photódex page by typing your Flickr username into the box at the top of this page and clicking "GO!".
  5. Once on your page, you can take note of the URL or bookmark it in your browser to find it faster the next time.

Note that changes or additions to Flickr albums may take a few minutes to update in your Photódex.

As an example, this Flickr album is behind this Photódex.


Thumbnail Position

By default, the photo thumbnail square is taken from the centre of the image. To change this, you can add some positional data to your photo title.

  • For portait photos:
    • position=top aligns the thumbnail to the top of the photo.
    • position=bottom aligns the thumbnail to the bottom of the photo.
    • Thumbnail defaults to centre if no position is given.
  • For landscape photos:
    • position=left aligns the thumbnail to the left of the photo.
    • position=right aligns the thumbnail to the right of the photo.
    • Thumbnail defaults to centre if no position is given.
  • Alternatively, you can use unicode arrows (↑, ↓, ←, →) as a shothand for these alignments without needing the position= instruction.

For example, "0025 Pikachu (position=left)" or just "0025 Pikachu ←" would work as a title if your Pikachu is standing on the left side of a landscape photo.

Positional instructions must be lower case and must not have spaces around the equals sign.

Multiple forms

You can upload multiple forms of the same Pokémon to your album (e.g. to include Shiny Pokémon or Alolan forms).

In the gallery view, Pokémon with multiple entries have a visual "stacked" indicator and can be cycled through by tapping or clicking, or by using the up / down arrow keys.

The order that they appear in the cycle is determined by the order that the different forms appear in the underlying Flickr album, which can be changed in Organizr.

The first form of a particular Pokémon found in the underlying Flickr album is the one that is used as the thumbnail on the main Photódex view.

Trainer name

If you would like the trainer name displayed on your Photódex to be different from your Flickr username, you can add a trainer= instruction to the album description.

For example, if your album description includes trainer=TrainerNIA then your trainer name will show as "TrainerNIA" rather than your Flickr username.

The trainer name provided must be one word and contain only letters and numbers, which is consistent with valid Pokémon GO trainer names.

Note that the URL of your Photódex will still use your Flickr username, as this is required to identify the correct album.


If you are having issues getting your Photódex to appear after following the steps above, please ensure that:

  • Your Flickr album contains the word "Photódex" or "Photodex" in the title.
  • All photos are public.
  • Photos have the 4-digit Pokémon number in their titles.
  • You have waited a few minutes since making changes in Flickr.

Note that you may experience unexpected behaviour if you have multiple Flickr albums with "Photódex" in the title.

If you are still having issues, or have other problems to report, then please email or raise an issue on GitHub.